Summary in English

Relief Fund (Krisfonden)

The fundraising foundation for Krisfonden was set up in response to the devastating Corona pandemic (covid-19) with a view to provide financial support to small enterprises in Sweden. An astonishing proportion of small enterprises do not have adequate resources to continue their operations because of the consequences of covid-19. These already uncertain circumstances will intensify and disproportionately harm small enterprises. By providing unconditional grants we are determined to help small enterprises to better navigate the crisis and improve their viability to continue operations, which is important for the entire community.

Every year, the EU’s statistical agency Eurostat makes calculations of how the countries’ pensioners are doing financially. According to the EU, those who have a pension that is lower than 60 percent of the median income in each country, risk ending up in poverty. The limit for Sweden is SEK 12,550. In 2020, Sweden had 316,000 elderly people at risk of poverty, which corresponds to 15.3 percent. We want to enhance the conditions for this target group by providing unconditional grants to enhance social activities, health care, diet, etc.

Chairman of the fundraising foundation for Krisfonden is Carl Christopher Tornblom.